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Inscription found on the Bomber
Command memorial in London
Martial Training at the
2023 Stav Camp
Martial Training at the
2023 Stav Camp
Stances in the early morning
Martial Training
The Camping area at Silver
Wood Photo by Pia Morgan
The Lake at Silver Wood
Photo by Pia Morgan
The Route to the Mead Hall
Photo by Pia Morgan
Photo by Michelle Lewis
Another view of Silver Wood
Photo by Beth Peart

Stav Camp 2024

Why Freedom Matters

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th of July 2024, Silver Wood, North Kelsey Moor, Lincolnshire, UK

We are pleased to announce that for the 2024 Stavcamp we have once again booked the same delightful venue in North Lincolnshire which we used in 2023. Silver Wood is about 10 acres of mature woodland between Caistor and Brigg in the beautiful countryside of North Lincolnshire.

The theme for the 2024 Stavcamp is the Karl, or 'Free–man'.

Karl, the second of the five principles of Stav, means farmer or free man. Back in the day owning your own farm made you free from the dictates of an employer or overseer. You could choose how to live your life, how to make your living, how to raise your family, and whether, or not, to serve in the military in time of war. In modern Western society fewer people can call themselves farmers. However, there are many different ways of running a business and thus being a free–man in today's world, so the principle still holds good.

As we incarnate into this world we are granted a number of powers. Perhaps the most important is free will and the desire to exercise it. If we believe ourselves to be free and think and act accordingly we can serve the highest good while being compassionate and loving to other people. However, those who do not believe that they are free and can see no escape from the domination of those 'above' them will always be angry and frustrated. The only substitute for freedom is status, and the only compensation for a lack of freedom is to assert your status over someone else who is somehow lower in the pecking order. Freedom is expressed in love and compassion. Status is enforced through hatred and fear.

At the 2024 Stavcamp We will address the questions of:

  • How might digital currencies be used for social control?
  • What is the difference between a 15 minute city and a concentration camp?
  • Is medical informed consent perhaps the most important freedom we can have?
  • How are hoaxes like pandemics and climate change used as excuses to abolish freedom?
  • Will private motor vehicles and air travel for ordinary people soon be a thing of the past?
  • Can we trust the justice system to defend our freedom?
  • There will also be daily practice of the the Galdre Stances, martial arts training with an emphasis on the lines and working with the five principles of Stav. Also study of the runes and runelore.

    Booking Information

    Cost which includes camping, all meals and refreshments, and loan of equipment as needed:

    Ice and Fire Stav members £65 To join please see here

    Non–members £95

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