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Ivar Hafskjold
Ivar Hafskjold
Stav Chief Instructor
Graham Butcher
Graham Butcher
Stav Teacher

Ice and Fire Summer Stav Camp 2013

was held on the 5th to the 8th of September 2013, Norfolk, UK

The 2013 Ice and Fire Stav Summer Camp was a great sucess with an exiting and varied programme. See below for comments from those who were there and pictures.

Pictures by Graham Butcher, Louise Mann and Clare Carswell

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view from barnself defenceself defence

Video Clips from the Camp

  • Nigel Smith Demonstrating Net Making
  • What they said about the 2013 Camp

    Thanks for organising a brilliant camp, Graham - it was the perfect venue, the days were well structured, and I think we have all come away feeling well catered for and welcome, whether newcomer or experienced student. As always, it was also very nice to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and talk the evenings away. Darren

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very cool.to meet you all. Andy

    Best camp ever. John

    Thank you for the best camp. What a wonderful location, thanks Venetia for sharing it and for your fantastic cooking ! Graham the programme was great, it was really good to do crafts with Nigel & kettlebell with Alex as well of course as training with you, Hugh and Ivar. It was good to see you all and to meet new folk too. See you next time ! Clare

    The general concensus is that this was the best Stav camp ever – a sentiment I completely agree with. Louise

    Pictures by Graham Butcher

    view from barnearly morning
    View from the barn door
    Early morning on the campsite
    Fire makingCraft session
    Fire making
    Craft Session
    Net makingmore net making
    Net Making
    more net making
    view from barnearly morning
    Stances in the the barn when wet
    Training on the field
    advanced trainingIvar teaching
    Advanced Training
    Ivar Teaching

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    Pictures by Louise Mann

    self defenceself defence
    Breaking balance
    self defenceself defence
    Breaking out
    Getting a grip
    self defenceself defence
    Close quarter combat
    Arm lock
    Ivar with stickbefore...
    Ivar with stick
    ...and aftergocha!
    ...and after

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    Pictures by Clare Carswell

    Lone Hawthorn
    Ivar teaching, at least I think that is what he was doing.
    Lunch, no, not the Aloe Vera plant
    Socialising in the barn
    staff training
    Staff training with Hugh
    fire making
    Fire by friction
    net making
    Net making
    Axe Training
    Another intense conversation
    axe in the barn
    Axe training in the barn

    Nigel Smith demonstrating net making

    Video by Clare Carswell

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