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stavcamp 2016

Staff indoors

stavcamp 2016

Staff outdoors

stavcamp 2016

Ivar teaching

stavcamp 2016

Exercises outdoors

stavcamp 2016


stavcamp 2016

Venetia and Nigel

stavcamp 2016


stavcamp 2016

Long sword training

Stav Training with Ivar Hafskjold

September 2016

Report and pictures from Clare Carswell

As I attended the Stav seminar with Ivar at Graham's Stav centre in Somerset two weeks ago I was struck, as I always am at Stav training sessions, of the diversity of the people who are drawn to Stav and who go on to practice it, to whatever degree, in their lives.

In the group that week-end were artists, writers, computer software developers, social workers, amongst others. Some self identify as pagan, some as Christian. I chatted to a few people and asked them why they practice Stav and it is clear that people have different reasons and ideas about what they get out of the practice. Some who are experienced in martial arts regard it as another that they find useful to use and work to develop their combat skills.

Others use it as the basis for a general health and well-being practice and are interested in the physical benefits and the meditative aspect of doing the stances. Some see it as a part of the life journey that they are on and feel that it takes them deeper into self discovery and an understanding of their position in the universe and how they relate to it.

Others are really interested in the cultural, literary and artistic context of the mythology and the ancient beliefs that underpin it. Others get into the herbalism and the healing aspects and some the rune readings.

That is a terribly generalised account but without quoting people it is at least a scant introduction to the various reasons that people expressed to me for their involvement in Stav.

I don't get to do any weapons work or CQC training but do the stances and staff exercises on my own regularly and feel benefit from those. I am interested in the mythology and ancient arts.

It would be great to hear from some of you as to what your interest in Stav is.

If you would like to come to the 2017 training with Ivar then please check out the page.