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Stav Camp 2023

Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd of July 2023, Silver Wood, North Kelsey Moor, Lincolnshire, UK

For the 2023 Stavcamp we have a delightful new venue in North Lincolnshire. Silver Wood is about 10 acres of mature woodland between Caistor and Brigg in the beautiful countryside of North Lincolnshire. Over the past year or so there have been several events hosted there by the owners Andy and Michelle Lewis and organised by Pia Morgan and has proven to be a fine place to hold a camp.

The Theme for the 2023 Stavcamp will be the six aspects of martial arts

Stav is a traditional education system which can equip us for many of lifes challenges. However, for any path of learning to be truly beneficial there must be practical experience and embodiment of the teachings. The basis of Stav is knowledge of the rune staves. However, martial training has always been an important path to a real understanding of using the Runic Stances, seeing the Web of Orlog and understanding the Five Principles of Stav. At the 2023 camp we will consider the six essential aspects of martial arts through practical training in the warrior aspect of Stav.

Beginner or expert? The camp will be able to accomdate beginners as well as those with experience of martial arts. Some sessions and talks will be for everyone. For those with experience and an established skill base there will be sessions using axe and spear training. For those with less skill and confidence training will be based around the cudgel or walking stick and unarmed drills. The same principles will be explored in each case. So, do not be put off coming if you have little, or even no martial experience, or if you are worried that your abilities will not be fully stretched.


Each day starts with light exercises and Galdre Stances at 0800hrs. After breakfast there will be 4 sessions of training during the day, three of which will be active and practical, the early afternoon one will be a talk and discussion. Closing stances will be around 1700hrs and after supper there will be a fire to sit around and story telling, a good opportunity to share your own tales or music as well as getting familiar with the Norse Mytholgy.

These are the six aspects of martial arts we will be exploring:

  • Art: Forms, drills, what your system actually looks like.
  • Vitality: Cultivating health, strength, flexibility and vital energy for training and life in general.
  • Function: Could you actually use your art for real?
  • Method: Do you really know the difference between tactics and strategy and how to make these concepts work according to operational method? This knowledge enables generals to win great battles and the same priniples apply in any conflict.
  • Spirit: Martial arts can be a spiritual path. Even if you only want your martial art for fighting you would still do well to heed the spiritual laws of the universe, we disregard them at our peril.
  • Martial Games: We will have some fun with a very simple form of traditional wrestling and target throwing for skill and accuracy.

    I will be expanding the details of the programme over the next few weeks, so bookmark this page and come back soon.

    Cost and Booking

    Cost for the 2023 Stav Camp is £120 which includes camping, all meals from supper on the Thursday evening to Lunch on the Sunday, and non–alchoholic refreshments. Aso included is loan and use of training equipment for the duration of the camp if required.

    Accomdation is camping. If you do not own a tent, or your travel arrangements make it difficult to bring one, we may be able to lend you one.

    Cost for Ice and Fire Stav members is £60.

    Places are limited to 16

    So, if you are serious about attending please book up promptly. To reserve your place please Email me to let me know you are interested and I can provide bank details so that you can make a BACS payment, or send a Paypal invoice.

    If you are not on my email list and would like to be please use this link where you can see my previous posts and sign up here