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Ice and Fire Stav Calendar

Symbolic representation
of the Web or Orlog
Inscription found on the Bomber
Command memorial in London
Martial Training at the
2023 Stav Camp
Martial Training at the
2023 Stav Camp
Stances in the early morning
Martial Training
The Camping area at Silver
Wood Photo by Pia Morgan
The Lake at Silver Wood
Photo by Pia Morgan
The Route to the Mead Hall
Photo by Pia Morgan
Photo by Michelle Lewis
Another view of Silver Wood
Photo by Beth Peart

Stav Camp 2024


Friday 5th to Sunday 7th of July 2024, Silver Wood, North Kelsey Moor, Lincolnshire, UK

Please arrive after 1600hrs on Thursday the 4th of July and we will need to vacate the site by 2000hrs on Sunday the 7th of July

There will be a light supper available on the Thursday evening for those who require it.

Each day will begin with some exercises and breakfast will be at 0845hrs. For the rest of the day there will be four training sessions, alternating between physically active and theory and discussion.

There will be short breaks between sessions and a lunch at around 1300hrs. Closing stances will be at around 1730hrs and supper around 1830hrs. We can have a campfire in the evening.

On the Sunday afternoon closing stances will be around 1430hrs so that we can pack up.

Sessions will cover:

  • The Karl Galdre Stances
  • Practical ways of learning to see the Web of Orlog and using it in everyday life
  • Making a rune set
  • Appreciating the environment through tree and plant awareness
  • Improving your health and well– being and the problem with the current medical paradigm.
  • Understanding the Five Principles through simple martial training, using both the staff and simple unarmed self–defence drills
  • Home